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Everything is changing faster than ever – also in healthcare

The future of health in Europe will pivot towards new business models reshaped by technological advancements and regulatory shifts; as well as engaged citizens, empowered with highly personalised data who will increasingly favour organisations prioritising their overall health and well-being.

Such well-being and prevention-focused business models are already gaining traction across Europe and will disrupt traditional models significantly by capturing a growing share of health revenue – thereby heralding a transformation in dominant healthcare business frameworks.

The life science industry winners are partners in prevention and treatment

The Future of Health in Europe report by Deloitte forecasts that, by 2040, a higher proportion of funds (51 per cent compared to 17 per cent in 2019) will target health promotion, illness prevention and health restoration. A much lower proportion (49 per cent compared to 83 per cent in 2019) will target sickness treatment and symptom management.

Life science companies that do not enter the prevention space will likely face increasing challenges in market access and miss out on massive growth drivers.

Strategic foresight is essential for success

The life science industry is a long-term business. It takes approximately 10-12 years to develop a new drug. This makes strategic foresight essential for future success.

How does the healthcare eco-system look in 10 years’ time? How do the healthcare customers behave? What about the regulatory and societal changes? What technological devices and enablers are mainstream and used by various stakeholders in the eco-system? How does a world look where prevention is close to overtaking illness treatment in total spend? What new players have entered the healthcare eco-system? Etc.

We focus on next practice

We are seasoned professionals with backgrounds in both start-ups as well as big pharma. We focus on next practice and not best practice. We help you anticipate the future, we thrive in developing new business models, establishing and growing new ventures, orchestrating new partnerships, and changing mindsets and way of working.